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Go from dread to dream with our remodeling services!


Thinking of getting your bathroom remodeled?

Custom Window Treatments & Home Decor is the perfect place to turn your boring bathroom, into an income retreat! We don't just change your shower, we change the entire bathroom! From the flooring, to the wallpaper, to the shower head! We elevate it all! 


Needing a retouch to your kitchen?

A kitchen remodel should address the flow of the room, upgrade outdated countertops, add life with a splash of color to meet the demands of your lifestyle. By focusing on some key areas, your kitchen can become not just a room, but the heart of your home where both meals and memories are made in equal measure.

Custom Window Treatments & Home Decor is your go-to flooring installation company in the Fenton, Clarkston and Grand Blanc, MI areas. Whether you need carpet flooring installed in your new home or you want the old laminate flooring in your kitchen replaced, we can make it happen.

Add comfort and value to your home with a basement remodel!


Reimagining your basement goes beyond new walls and floors; it's about creating a dynamic space that fits your vision. A basement remodel can introduce durable, stylish flooring that stands up to high traffic and versatile furniture to maximize your area's utility and comfort. By injecting vibrancy with thoughtful lighting and cozy decor, your basement can transition from an underused storage area to a lively hub for family activities, entertainment, or a personal retreat.



Beyond transforming bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, we offer a full suite of remodeling services to rejuvenate every corner of your home. Whatever your vision, our expertise brings it to life, ensuring that each space is tailored to your unique needs and style.

It's time to start decorating! Call Custom Window Treatments & Home Decor at 810-344-7808 to explore your options for custom home décor in Grand Blanc, Fenton, Clarkston,  & surrounding areas.


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